Restaurant Valireta,


Menu Valireta, a complete selection in every bite a secret story, with these dishes you will be complete.

Chef Selection


  • Bacon and Cheese Toast7.90 €
  • Iberian ham toast11.90 €
  • Butter and Jam Toast3.50 €
  • Cheese Toast7.50 €

Del Mar

  • Cod Valireta21.90 €
  • Grilled Octopus Leg23.50 €
  • Grilled tongue16.90 €


  • Potato Tortilla Sandwich3.10 €
  • Bacon and Cheese sandwich3.20 €
  • Loin and Cheese sandwich3.40 €
  • Cheese sandwich2.50 €


  • Honey chicken14.90 €
  • Breast with red fruit sauce19.50 €
  • Entrecote on the table30.90 €
  • Pork cheeks soaked in red wine15.30 €
  • Chicken with mushroom cream12.70 €

Welcome to the Valireta menu! Here you will find an exquisite combination of traditional and innovative dishes. First of all, our tapas are perfect for sharing: homemade croquets, Iberian ham and delicious bulls.

Then, for fish lovers, we offer options such as grilled sole, an exquisite grilled octopus leg and Valireta cod, dishes that capture the freshness of the sea and the richness of Mediterranean flavors.

In addition, our meat dishes are a real delight. You can enjoy the entrecôte from the table, the duck magret with red fruit sauce and the star of the house of roosters and pork soaked in red wine.

Finally, you can’t miss our artisan dessert, such as cheesecake and crème brûlée.

Bon appetit and enjoy the Valireta experience!