Restaurant Valireta,

A Complete Experience!

At Restaurant Valireta, the setting is concrete, with exquisite tapas that will leave you full.

From the menu to the table, a full experience.

In every bite, a secret story.

Cristian Manzilla
Cristian Manzilla
24. Mayo, 2024
Aylen Seran
Aylen Seran
24. Mayo, 2024
Muy buen lugar y atención
Maria Victoria Campos
Maria Victoria Campos
24. Mayo, 2024
Excelente atención de Andrea ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Patricio Basterrechea
Patricio Basterrechea
24. Mayo, 2024
Buena la atención Andrés muchas gracias. !!!
Joan Perez Armany
Joan Perez Armany
24. Mayo, 2024
Todo excelente

The most popular

To eat as a family

Fingers with sauces

Fingers made by ourselves, looking for pleasure for the little ones and the big ones.

A fusion of texture, every bite an adventure. , a flavor that captures you, a delight that will make you eat without measure.

Brave Valireta

Valireta bravas have a very specific recipe, with a spiciness that worries you and they are better than the ones your godmother used to make.

They will leave you complete, come and above all flirty.

Oreo Cup

Our Oreo Cup is like telling an account of Teo, trying it for yourself will make you dizzy.

You will feel like wearing a pareo more than in the summer. You will do like Mateo, you will ask for it without “rodeo”.

At the Valireta Restaurant

What will you find?

Welcome to our place in Andorra, where the kitchen takes your hat off and makes you fall in love. In the Pyrenees, a corner of the house, where tradition and modernity play.

With flavors from here and everywhere, the palate jumps with the dishes like a hare. The relaxed atmosphere is second to none, every visit is pure uncontrollable excitement.

We hope that your experience will be phenomenal, at our restaurant in Andorra, always great.




  • Bacon and Cheese Toast7.90 €
  • Iberian ham toast11.90 €
  • Butter and Jam Toast3.50 €
  • Cheese Toast7.50 €

Del Mar

  • Cod Valireta21.90 €
  • Grilled Octopus Leg23.50 €
  • Grilled tongue16.90 €


  • Potato Tortilla Sandwich3.10 €
  • Bacon and Cheese sandwich3.20 €
  • Loin and Cheese sandwich3.40 €
  • Cheese sandwich2.50 €


  • Honey chicken14.90 €
  • Breast with red fruit sauce19.50 €
  • Entrecote on the table30.90 €
  • Pork cheeks soaked in red wine15.30 €
  • Chicken with mushroom cream12.70 €

Valireta Events


At Restaurant Valireta, once a month we bring musicians, singers, comedians, magicians and whatever comes to our mind.

A different proposal to make Sant Julià de Lòria a happy parish with more proposals than ever.

At the service of the parish and our customers which is the most precious value and is the main reason to continue working harder than ever.

You can not miss it

Come and try it!